Hopewell Publications specializes in new fiction and classic reprints. We also publish the annual anthology Best New Writing, which houses both the Gover Story Prize for fiction and creative nonfiction under 10,000 words. We also accept submissions for Best New Writing's cover art. Please review our separate guidelines below. Thank you.

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Hopewell Publications publishes new fiction and classic reprints (i.e. books with proven sales records that have gone out of print.) We occasionally publish nonfiction. Our catalog spans from one to sixty years of publication history. We are actively seeking new and interesting fiction. While we accept manuscripts all year, we tend to concentrate on them during June, July, and the first half of August.

Please approach us with only one project at a time, hopefully your best book. (Multiple submissions will be deleted.) Upload your manuscript and provide all of the following information in your cover letter:

1) Address only one of our editors or use "Dear Editor" for general submissions.
2) “FICTION “or “NONFICTION” and the sub-genre. 
3) “NEW” or “REPRINT” (original year of copyright).
4) One-sentence description of the book.
5) Short synopsis of the book; 250 words or less.
6) Short author biography. 

We are a small staff, but we will respond to every submission. 
Hopewell Publications